Chial and Negroman Farms are a-family owned farms that have been in existence and operated by the same family over four generations.  A passion for farming and animals in general has been the driving force for the continued development and enhancements in this venture.  New technologies are adapted in farming, while innovative reproductive methods are implemented for enhancement of the breeds and quality in animals.

The objective of the owners is to produce the best possible quality products in the country while enjoying the process and development.

Geographic Location

Belize is a Central American country that is bordered by Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west and south and the Caribbean Sea to the east.

Chial and Negroman Farms are located in the Western District of Cayo, just a few miles from the twin towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena to the east and a few miles from Benque Viejo Town and our border with Guatemala to the west.


CHIAL FARM is comprised of approximately 850 acres of land, most of which has been transformed and developed into pastures.  It is a combination of flat and hilly terrain on which several species of grass are grown/fed to cattle.  The water system on this farm is gravity-fed natural well water.  Essentially, a 250’ well has been dug from which water is pumped up to an elevated holding tank.  Water is then gravity fed down to the different pastures as needed.   

NEGROMAN FARM is located four miles off-road from Chial, and is comprised of approximately 1,300 acres of land. It is a combination of flat, hilly and mountainous terrain, and sits on the bank of the Macal River.  Just over one hundred acres are productive citrus groves, while most of the remaining land has been transformed and developed into pastures.  A portion of this farm has also been kept untouched as a rainforest and wildlife reserve.   The main energy source for this farm is from a generator feeds current into an inverter system connected to a battery bank.  The battery bank then provides 110V and 220V electricity to the main house, office and mechanic workshop.  The water system is similar to that of Chial in that water is pumped up to a holding tank on a mountain and water is then gravity fed down to pastures, however the water source for this farm is the Macal River.  Animals grazing in pastures adjacent to the river access water directly from the river.


Cattle Production

Cattle production is the primary focus on the farms with an average of around 1,200 to 1,400 head of cattle.  Over the years, several new breeds of cattle have been introduced and experimented with to find the right breeds to withstand the tropical climate while producing quality animals for breeding and for quality beef.  Some breeds raised on the farms include Red Angus, Brahman, Manso Brahman, Herford, Brown Swiss, Romagnola, Senepol, Semental, Charbray and Nelore.  This crossbreed program has created for us what we consider a HIGH-BRED heard. Separately and in addition to the previously stated HIGH-BREDS, we are today concentrated in starting a “RED BRANGUS” pure bred herd of the highest and best genetics available. We also have a pure bred Brahman Herd of the “MANSO” genetics.

Over the last few years, the farms have instituted an Artificial Insemination Program, which allows for more structured and controlled breeding of the mother herd.  It also allows for more selected breeding utilizing semen of selected breeds high end bulls on compatible breeds of cows  on the farms.

The farms also engage in periodic Embryo Transplant Programs, with the assistance and expertise of foreign experts to again enhance the caliber of animals on the farms.

While the primary food source for cattle in Belize is generally pastured grazing, our program entails supplements and food subsidies (NO Hormones).  Our farms prepare in advance by bailing its own hay bundles to feed during the dry season, along with molasses, citrus husk and periodic grain.  All herds are provided with minerals and salts ad-lib, as well as they periodically receive molasses and in some cases grain.  Furthermore, on a monthly basis all animals are brought into the corals for inventory control, spraying for pests and parasites and treating any injury or symptoms of illness.  Additionally, those that are in need are given vitamin shots, and on a scheduled basis given de-wormers and other vaccines against diseases prevalent to the region.     

** Cattle is available for sale on both farms, both for breeding stock as well as for market. **


Sheep Production

Our farms have always raised a few head of sheep, however over the last two years we have initiated a Sheep Production Program with two main breeds, Dorper and Black Belly.  The Dorper sheep is known for its quick growth and tastie meat, while the Black Belly is the more common and popular breed in Belize continues to have its market preference.

The Dorper herd is maintained in CHIAL FARM with a herd of around 50 head.

** Sheep are available for sale, both for breeding stock as well as for market. **



The farms maintain a herd of fine horses imported and locally bred, in breeds such as Quarter Horses, Aztecs, Tennessee Walkers, and Missouri Fox Trotters to name a few.

Young horses are broken on the farms and generally trained as cattle work horses, which also makes them become good riding horses with easy reigns.

 The farms offer stud services from fully bred Paint Quarter Horse and Andaluzian studs.

** Horses are available for sale on both farms, both for breeding stallions as well as riding and   cattle work.  Also available are Stud Services from selected full bred Stallions**